Hindi Alphabet- Varnmala Learn & Speak Hindi

The Hindi alphabet consists of 45 characters based on pronunciation and 52 characters based on writing The most important thing in the Hindi language is that the Hindi language is spoken the same way it is written and spoken the way it is the same as Written.

Hindi is the state language of India which is the third most spoken language in the world and 22 different types of languages ​​are spoken in India but the most spoken and understood language in India is Hindi as well as the Hindi language is used by more than 544 million people worldwide.

Hence the Hindi language is spoken not only in India but also in many countries of the world like Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan, UK, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, Mauritius, Yemen, Uganda, and Canada etc

Learn Varanmala Hindi Alphabet me

It is very easy to learn to speak and write the Hindi language, so first of all, you should have knowledge of the Hindi alphabet because no language can be learned without the alphabet.

We are going to provide you complete information of Hindi alphabet in which everything will be explained to you in simple words, so if you are interested to Learn Hindi alphabet then you should definitely read this article once.

Learn Varnamala Hindi alphabet

To speak and write the Hindi language first of all you should know what is the Hindi alphabet and How many types are there which will strengthen your grip on your Hindi language, as well as you can learn the Hindi language quickly. Let’s learn about the Hindi alphabet and understand it in detail.

Learn Alphabet Hindi varnamala in hindi

What are the Hindi characters

Characters is the smallest unit of Hindi language or the smallest sound of language whose cannot be broken For example अ, ई, व, च, क, ठ, त, ध, स, ह etc are called characters

What is the Hindi alphabet

The group of characters of Hindi or group of arranging letters is called Hindi alphabet For example अ आ इ ई उ……….ह etc are called characters Devanagari Alphabet And a, b, c, d, e, f……….z are called Roman alphabet

Types of Hindi characters

The Hindi alphabet has different number of characters based on writing and pronunciation, hence Hindi alphabet is divided into two parts vowels(svar) and consonants(vyanjan)!

What is a vowels(Svar)

Characters that do not require any other letter in their pronunciation i.e. those spoken independently are called vowels(स्वर)

Vowel based on pronunciation

अ, आ , इ , ई , उ , ऊ , ए , ऐ , ओ , औ etc

Vowel based on writing

अ, आ, इ , ई , उ , ऊ , ए , ऐ , ओ , औ , अं , अ: , ऋ etc

Type of Vowel

From the point of view of Hindi grammar, there are three types of vowels which are divided on the basis of time taken in pronunciation, which are as follows

Hashvr Vowel (ह्रस्व स्वर)-

Vowels that take very little time to pronounce are called ‘Harsvr vowels’, examples of which are अ, इ, उ etc.

Diragh Swar (दीर्घ स्वर)-

Vowels whose pronunciation takes longer than ‘Harsvr vowels’ are called ‘diragh vowels’, examples of which such as आ, ई, ऊ etc. can be understood as-

अ + अ  = आ , इ + इ = ई , उ + उ = ऊ

Plut Vowels (प्लुत स्वर)-

The vowels that take the maximum time to pronounce are called ‘plut vowels’, examples of which are – ओउम्

What is the consonants(Vyanjan)

Characters whose vowels are used in pronunciation means that the letters which are spoken by the help of vowels are called consonants, hence “अ” is used to speak every consonant. The Hindi alphabet has 35 consonants which are as follows.

 क , ख , ग , घ , ङ
 च , छ , ज , झ , ञ
 ट , ठ , ड , ढ , ण ( ड़ ढ़ )
 त , थ , द , ध , न
 प , फ , ब , भ , म
 य , र , ल , व्
 श , ष , स , ह

Types of consonants

There are Three types of consonants in Hindi grammar which are as follows

Sparsh Vyanjan

Sparsh Vyanjan is from क to म and Sparsh Vyanjan has five classes and each class has five letters which is like this

कवर्ग : क , ख , ग , घ , ङ
चवर्ग : च , छ , ज , झ , ञ
टवर्ग : ट , ठ , ड , ढ , ण 
तवर्ग : त , थ , द , ध , न
पवर्ग : प , फ , ब , भ , म

Antasth Vyanjan

Antasth Vyanjan consists of four in number which is like this

य्, र्, ल्, व्,

Ushm Vyanjan

Ushm Vyanjan also consists of four in number which is like this

श्, ष्, स्, ह्

Sanyukt Vyanjan

क्ष , त्र , ज्ञ , श्र

How To Pronunciation Hindi Alphabet

We have told you above what are the Hindi language and how many types of its main parts are there, which will make you easy to learn and understand Hindi language.

Because as we have told you, there are 45 characters based on pronunciation, which consists of 10 vowels and 35 consonants, and the basis of writing is 52 characters in which there are 13 vowels, 35 consonants and 4 combined consonants.

Now, let’s talk about how to Pronunciation Hindi alphabet so that you can start practicing it, so we have put below a great video for you from YouTube that you can learn to Pronunciation Hindi alphabet.

Source- Anil Mahato Youtube

Hindi Alphabet With Picture

If you want to learn Hindi language, then it is important that your Hindi characters should be identified as to what a letter is called and how to speak it.

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How to Read Hindi alphabet Audio 

Hindi letters are very easy to read and to make it even easier, we are providing you with audio as well as a way to speak Hindi alphabet with English.

Learn Alphabet Hindi varnamala in hindi

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